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FC24 June Cup 2024

Start Date and Time: June 30, 2:00 PM.
Each player will receive their arrival time. This means not all players need to arrive at 2 PM. A specific schedule with arrival times for each player has been created. If you arrive earlier than the specified time, entry will not be allowed.

Entry Fee: $20 per person.
The fee is non-refundable. In case of no-show or cancellation, the deposit is NOT refundable.

Registration Link:

Payment Link:

Discipline: FC 24 on PS 5.

Participants: 20 people (10 people on 2 consoles = 5 rounds).

Registration: A person registers by filling out a form and paying the fee.

Match Format:

  • Qualification: single elimination. Losers are eliminated.
  • Final (matches for 1st and 2nd places, as well as for 3rd and 4th places): best of 3.


  • The tournament has a warning system – 2 warnings throughout the tournament lead to disqualification.
  • Each player is allowed to invite ONE spectator to the hall during their game. Other spectators are not allowed in the hall. Invited spectators are allowed to be in the hall during the game of the person who invited them.
  • Bringing food and drinks is not allowed. Only mineral water is allowed.
  • Rage (inappropriate behavior, hitting the table, excessively loud shouting of obscenities, especially throwing our devices) results in a warning.
  • Damage to equipment, furniture, and other property of Arcade Cyber Arena entails full financial responsibility on the part of the participants.
  • Dropping or hitting our devices results in a warning.
  • Spectators must keep a distance of at least 1 foot (30 cm) from the backs of players’ chairs and not interact with the players during matches.
  • Strict prohibition on the use of third-party software, cheats, macros. Punishable by immediate disqualification of the player.
  • Respectful behavior towards opponents, no insults.
  • Being late by 15 minutes or more leads to disqualification.
  • The tournament prohibits being in an inappropriate, drugged, and/or alcoholic state, as well as bringing these substances.
  • Registration without payment is not valid. Registration and payment collect closes on June 29th 11:59PMM


  • Total Fund: Depends on the number of participants. With full registration (20 players), the fund will exceed $100, including prizes from Arcade Cyber Arena and partners.
  • 1st place: $100 + 30% discount on any Membership subscription for 1 month, 3 hours of game time on the console or PC, and additional prizes from partners.
  • 2nd place: 20% discount on any Membership subscription for 1 month, 2 hours of game time on the console or PC, and additional prizes from partners.
  • 3rd place: 10% discount on any Membership subscription for 1 month, 1 hour of game time on the console or PC, and additional prizes from partners.

Minimum number of players to start the tournament – 10.

  • In case of incomplete registration (less than 20 players), the prize fund is halved (if 10 players register, the 1st place winner gets $50).

Prizes will be awarded via Zelle transfer the day after the tournament.

FC 24 Rules:

  • Match Format: Fast Paced, Tournament Rules
  • Any team selection and its custom lineup setup are allowed. 5 minutes are given for team setup.

Registration and payment of the registration form entail full and unconditional agreement with the rules.

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